Today’s Random Activities

Well, lots. I’m at my friends house today. This guy is the most awesome and random guy you will ever meet. Today we used his iPod and attached it to his ancient RC truck. We did a couple jumps, drove around a lot, and it was awesome. Its even on YouTube. Check it out:

Well after about 10 hrs(mins) of searching, i didn’t find it. His YouTube name is chaosshadow1. Post if you find him!

Next, we recorded other things. It was fun. Then we had lunch and i’m where i started, writing this. TACOS!!!

My Special Friends

Arjadaga- he is very special indeed. he plays these imagination games where he pretends popsicle sticks are these things. its complicated. he really likes chipotle and he likes to randomly sing these loops of songs he makes up. you see, he is special in lots of ways. but he is smart in the area of school… “”

Rednaxela- he is also very special. for starters, he is blonde and even more blonde. if you give him a toy, he will be entertained for a long time. if you show him the background images to the windows media player when it is playing a song, he will probably be hypnotized for a long time, not that i have tried that hehe… “”

Me (Jagman)- i am very special as well. i am also blonde, but just the hair color. i love tacos and i always talk about them. its fun to go to a random person and say “tacos to you sir!” yea… i am special and also, Wonton Soup is really good. why is it good? i really dont know that much, but its chinese food so… “”